Every day we strive to provide the best customer service in store, recommending products, giving ideas for meals and gifts, or just brightening someone’s day, so we thought we could replicate some of this on line for you!
Every month I will be updating this page to give you personal recommendations, that we have tried and tested. There will be ideas for meals for you and your family, the latest new lines in store and of course as is Napton Village Stores philosophy, it’s all about keeping it local – buying and selling locally is our priority, whilst we strive to bring you more choice right on your doorstep.
These products are usually the ‘top up lines’ in our weekly shop – the everyday luxuries that pop in our basket for either a weekend treat, to make healthier lifestyle changes or for our friends to share.
 If you need to know more you can contact us in many ways, email, facebook, phone or as we prefer face to face! I hope to see you in store soon. 

Napton Cider.

Did you know we have our very own Cidery in Napton? It produces the most delicious cider in 3 flavours. We have all of them in stock priced at £2.95.

Village Veg Box

I can’t recommend these enough, they are packed with fresh seasonal fruit & veg all hand selected and grade 1 quality. You can order and pay online and collect in store every Tuesday and they are bespoke to your likes and dislikes. Prices start from £10.

Tasty treat!

Cottage Delight Mini Globes Offer Choose any 3 for £5 and get a free gift bag Perfect Gift for Any Foodie!

Birthday Booze!

Stuck for a gift for him? These Birthday Beers are the perfect solution. At just £10.95 very affordable too.

Gluten Free

This new Gluten Free Luxury Iced Fruit Cake by Cottage Delight, is not only a delight on the palette but also the pocket. At just £5.95, everyone can enjoy their favourite winter treats.

Bespoke Cakes

An addition to the Napton Kitchen outside catering. Many of our fabulous sponges can be made into ‘naked’ or iced wedding cakes or Birthday cakes. Handmade to your specification. Priced Individually.

Local Milk

We are so proud to be able to offer this local fresh milk. It’s pasteurised on the Wednesday and delivered to us on the Thursday, and it’s not filtered or treated in any other way, not homogenised or fat reduced. It’s all natural and from cows just 6 miles from Napton. The fat content is the same as semi skimmed milk and is also recommended for those of us who suffer with any allergies. At just £1.20 a litre it’s healthy on the pocket too.

Dexter Beef

Sirloin Steaks reared locally by The Lost Farm Granborough If you are looking for taste and are conscious of food miles, then our range of meats from our local suppliers really hits the spot. These Dexter Sirloins are reared just 4 miles from Napton Village Stores and taste amazing!